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Having a cozy house

A gas heater is a great way to keep your house warm and snuggly on cold winter evenings and chilly winter mornings. It's good for the environment, and a safe and affordable heating option. If your heater has spent the warmer months wrapped up in the shed, it's a good idea to get it serviced before you plug it back in to keep your heater working properly and your gas bill at a reasonable level. I keep track of new research about gas heating and servicing on this site, so that other interested users can find information easily.


Two Common Refrigerator Problems You Can Fix Yourself

16 December 2015
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The kitchen would be a different place without refrigerators. No ice cream or cheeses, and the only meat or milk you could have would need to be obtained fresh from the animal. When you think about it, this essential appliance is one of the most important machines you have in your home, but when it breaks, you must act fast before the food inside spoils. By familiarizing yourself with a few of a refrigerator's components and keeping a few tools on hand, you can be prepared to fix a few common problems. Read More …

Air Conditioning | 3 Tricks To Efficiently Cool an East-Facing Room

20 November 2015
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Heating and cooling costs account for nearly 40 percent of the average home's energy bills, so you'll want to run your air conditioning units as efficiently as possible. If you have an east-facing room that is subject to the wrath of the morning and mid-day sun, you'll need to undertake some additional measures to run your air conditioners more competently. This guide is designed to help you cool your east-facing rooms as efficiently as possible. Read More …

Benefits of Reefer Truck Rentals

2 November 2015
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Reefer trucks are trucks usually used to transport items that require to be moved in refrigerated climates. If you operate a fresh food supply business, you are a likely client for many companies offering commercial reefer truck rentals out there on the market. The following points will illuminate why renting reefer trucks may be a smart move for your business. Versatility as regards to truck size How many units of fresh meat, milk, fruits or vegetables do you need to transport? Read More …

Over Repair | 3 Hints That Indicate Your Oven Isn’t Heating Evenly

15 October 2015
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If you're an avid cooking enthusiast, then chances are you use your oven for all types of baked and grilled dishes. But sudden burnt edges, undercooked meats and uneven browning are problems you simply did not anticipate. While having an off-day in the kitchen could easily be the cause of these problems every once in a while, facing them consistently is a sign that your oven isn't performing as it should. Read More …

3 Common Air Conditioning Unit Faults And Solutions

10 August 2015
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When the weather's hot, it can be a nightmare if your home air conditioning lets you down.  Some common problems can be simply solved without the need to call out the repair man.  Here's a brief overview of some of the most frequently encountered air con problems and how to fix them. Problem:  The air conditioning system doesn't work at all Solution: Start by checking that the thermostat is set to " Read More …